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Final instructions for our Baa 2 Day Trial

and Baa Conducted Trial

21st & 22nd August


When you arrive, please park on the left-hand side of the field, away from the hard standing areas.

You will need to collect your rider numbers and goody bag before you start the trial.


Conducted Riders

Your start area is near the pipes. Drive through Edmundbyers, over a bridge then a cattle grid. There will be a farm on your right and after that, before the corner, there is a track that forks right from the road. You need to head down the track to the concrete pipes at the bottom.

You will collect your rider number and goody bag from John Henderson at your start area near the pipes.

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Main Trial Riders

Your start area is in the field behind The Baa Pub in Edmundbyers, DH8 9NL.

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Saturday 21st August

Start time: 12pm

1st section will close at 3:30pm

12 sections, 3 laps.

Please gather in the start area just before 12pm.


Sunday 22nd August

Start time: 10am

1st section will close at 2pm

20 sections, 2 laps.

Please gather in the start area just before 10am.

It is an 11-mile loop and there will be a fuel stop. Bring an extra can with fuel and place it in the trailer on Sunday morning.

There are places where there will be 2-way traffic. Please take care.

You must follow the flagged route at all times. Do not ride through the village.


The Baa will kindly be providing food over the weekend.

In the evening on Friday and Saturday they will be serving curry and pizza.

During the day, the Burger Van will be serving bacon and sausage sandwiches.


Thank you for taking the time to read these final instructions. We hope you all have a jolly weekend.

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