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John Barnett


When did you start riding trials?

2002, first trial a consett one near Butsfield – dropped 147, a great score (unfortunately at snooker not trials!)

How did you get into riding trials?

After a lot of years at motocross and the serious injury, I decided to take up trials…this will be easy, going slow and keeping your feet up, how wrong…

What was your first trials bike?

Good old TY250 pinky

What achievements have you had in trials?

Er…these days I finish some now and again! I suppose way back in about 2009 I was Consett club easy route champion, it’s kind of been downhill since then!

Who do you look up to/admire in the trials world?

Anyone who is still riding and enjoying it after many years – got to say when I see Mick Grant riding these days in his mid 70’s I think, this guy has done it all, 7 TT wins and is still trials riding.

Which venue is your favourite to ride? 

Trials that have gone, used to enjoy little bear and spring trial. Nowadays, BAA (both classic and modern) is by far the best for me.

Is there a major trials event that you enjoy?

Watching, Sheffield indoor – but to be honest, it’s the social side (meeting the same North East people in the same seats in Weatherspoons!)

Is there a trials event or venue you have not ridden which you would really like to ride?

Chris did Costa Brava 2 day in 2018 and I decided to try it in 2019. Two sections in and the SWM ran out of spark! Planned doing it in 2020…Covid stopped that so hopefully 2021!

What is your favourite memory from trials riding?

I guess the years me and Chris rode the Kia rounds all over the UK – had some really good trips, met some great people, Chris had some great results and I had numerous 5s!

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