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Laurie Brown

In 1953, doing my National Service, I had bought a BSA B32 which was a competition version of the B31 road bike. It was the nearest thing you could get to a pukka trials bike having a swept exhaust, alloy guards, trials tyres, etc but road legal with lights.

I went to watch an event with a friend and my bike was spotted by a club member who asked if I fancied joining in. I think things were more relaxed those days. I enjoyed the ride and joined the club climbing to a second place at one event!! I sold the bike after two years when I was ‘demobbed’. Many years later, I thought it was time my son, Tim, took to two wheels, strictly off road! We joined Seaton Delaval club in the days of Harry Norman, 1980 ish I think, initially with a Susuki trail bike then progressed to a Bultaco. Tim and I would ‘share’ the bike, swapping our number over!

In those days a highlight for us was going to watch the Scott at Richmond.

Once again, many years passed until Tim decided he would get back into trialing with me keeping an eye on grandson Josh riding his Osset. It was natural that I ended up with a bike to keep up with Josh as his riding improved! I remember getting back on a bike after so many years as if I had never been off one. (Thank goodness!)

In my eighty seventh year I am perfectly at home on my GasGas and more than happy out observing. I ask for a distant section, where possible, so I can have a good ride around, getting home satisfyingly exhausted!

I have always enjoyed Butsfield but my favourite for a good ride around is Bedburn. It has been suggested that for my ninetieth birthday I ride a trial, five every section (that won’t be difficult) and boast that I earned more points than anyone else!

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