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Mike Minns

When did you start riding trials?

I started riding trials on the 1st Feb 2015.

When I was young I had a Yamaha TY80 like everyone else, along with that I had a Honda CZ100 monkey bike. In my teens I had a Fantic 200 which my brother and I rode all the time.

How did you get into riding trials?

Well…it started after a weekend’s racing in East Fortune. On our way home Jo, my wife/boss/carer/caterer and paddock stand holder, says to me “I think I might have a go at road racing.” I just looked at her and said, “No way! We will find something that we both can do together.”

A mate had two trials bikes that we could borrow. When we had a go, she made her mind up within 30 seconds of being on the bike.

What was your first trials bike?

Being profoundly deaf, I went for a four stroke Montesa so that I could feel what the motor was doing while riding.

What achievements have you had in trials?

I’ve had one dislocated shoulder.

I’ve had a few cleans on different bikes.

I’ve completed the Scottish Pre’65 three times.

I’ve met a lot of nice people through trials that have made me feel welcome and become friends.

Who do you look up to in the trials world?

It is hard to choose one person so I’ve chosen a few: my cousin Andy Minns, Eric McMeekin, Butch, Eddie Aitkin, Garry Bloodworth, Victoria Holmes and my one hero that has shown true grit – Chloe Baker.

Which venue is your favourite to ride?

As a road racer of 30 years I’ve always wanted to go up pipeline in Scotland. It is one thing I’ve had on my wish list to do, along-side doing the Isle of Man Manx GP.

Is there is a major trials event that you enjoy?

I like to do the Pre’65 Trial but also look forward to doing Alwinton 2 Day with Jo and a load of friends.

Is there a trials event or venue you have not ridden which you would really like to?

I’ve thought about the Scottish 6 Days and the Scott Trial but have been talked out of them. It would be easier to do the Manx GP again.

What is your favourite memory from trials riding?

Competing in the Scottish Pre’65. I’ve gone from dropping 186 marks in my 1st year to 152 in my second year and then dropping 55 in my third year. My achievements up there have been the highlights so far.

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