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Ossy Byers


When did you start riding trials?

Started riding trials in 1972.

How did you get into riding trials?

My 2 older brothers rode trials.

What was your first trials bike?

My first bike was a 250cc Cotton.

What achievements have you had in trials?

I’ve had a couple of wins.

Who do you look up to/admire in the trials world?

My trials hero when I was a kid was Gordon Farley.

Which venue is your favourite to ride? 


Is there a major trials event that you enjoy?

Pre’65 and Costa Brava Classic

Is there a trials event or venue you have not ridden which you would really like to ride?

Really wish I had ridden The Scott and the Scottish 6 Days. Didn’t have the money when I was young enough.

What is your favourite memory from trials riding?

Riding the arena section at the Costa Brava Classic. So many people watching and the applause when I cleaned the section.

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