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Roundup of the year - 2023

We have had a busy but good year.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to run our first trial of the year in February but we made up for it after that.

In March we had our usual trial at Lambshields with decent weather and a bit of snow.

Shortly after Lambshields we had a Charity Trial at The Baa, Edmundbyers. This was to help raise funds for our Charity Relay Team for the SSDT. Our Charity Trial was a one-day event with one long lap of 30 sections. It was well attended and got us started with the fundraising.

Gary, Alec and Phil were our Castleside members that took on the challenge of the SSDT for the Charity Relay Team. They did us proud!

In May, the weekend at the end of the SSDT, we had a little trial at Bedburn with a separate conducted route. We had another good turnout of riders.

June saw us hold a trial at West Butsfield, again with a separate conducted route where we had sunny weather and a good entry.

This then led into a busy couple of months with two 2-day trials. The Baa Classic in July and The Baa 2 Day in August. Both were good, successful trials with good weather.

We had a lot at the Scott Trial Auction.

Our last trial of the year was Lambshields in October and a separate conducted route. An extremely wet affair but a good turn-out of riders.

We have been testing out and using an electronic scoring system which has been positive and made the collection of results easier.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped to make these trials a success – organisers, helpers, landowners, observers and riders.

We look forward to the 2024 trials season.

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