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Soggy Lambshields

We hope you have all managed to dry out after the weekend!

Thank you to all the riders who came and entered, including the riders on the conducted course. Massive thank you to the observers for standing out in that horrible weather and thank you to the landowners for allowing the use of their land.

At 7am the weather was not too bad but the cloud came down and the rain started. The far side of the course was extremely foggy!

Surprisingly, many riders turned up to ride the great Lambshields course; some returning to what they know is a proper trial and others for their first time.

Section 1 started with a bit of queue, it was just a great excuse for some riders to return to the warmth of their van for a cup of coffee before returning and starting their lap. We were running the course in reverse to usual which meant the first 6 sections were the moon-landscape rocks that just like to catch you out and knock you off course. Section 7 was new, in a little stream but it led nicely to the main sections - the big gully! Two double sections, one at the bottom and one at the top. Two days previously, when setting out, the gully had been dry making the rocks look large and horrible. The morning rain meant that water was flowing down the sections for the riders.

There was a bit of a ride over to section 12 in the bomb hole and then the riders carried on over to Stanhope Road and 3 more rock sections. Sections 16 and 17 made a double at Harehope corner which had water gushing down it. The change things up a bit, section 18 was an exciting hill climb and the last two sections were the usual friendly ones that start the lap.

The weather did ease off and the second lap was nicer, weather wise, than the first and we managed to clear the course before the rain returned and before it got dark.

Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback on Facebook about the trial.

Very well done to our winners:

John Crinson - Expert route

Alec Wray - Green route

Gary Younghusband - Clubman route

Paul Westgarth - Easy route

Conducted winners:

Arthur Henderson and Eddie Charlton - hard route

Ed Henderson - medium route

Korben Lane - beginner route

Thank you for supporting the club and we look forward to seeing you in 2021!

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