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Ray Cummins


When did you start riding trials?

I started riding motorbikes when I was about 12/13 and got into trials very soon after. I rode until I was about 17ish and then I discovered cars, nights out drinking, nightclubs and women etc, which was far more exciting! Haha! I then got into Rallying, competing at various levels for about 20 years.

I then got back into trials very briefly when Heather bought me a bike for my 40th. It was a second hand Sherco 290 which was a bit too powerful for me. I fell off at the first trial and burnt my arm quite badly giving the engine a cuddle as it was lying on me. I think I lasted a few months then gave up. I returned to trials in 2013 and have been riding regularly ever since.

How did you get into riding trials?

I always wanted a motorbike from a very young age and my Dad said he would buy me a bike to do off road sport if I promised that when I turned 16 I would not get a road motorcycle. He decided on trials because it looked less dangerous than motocross. I kept my promise although I did pass my bike test. He kept his promise and took me to events week in, week out for many years.

What was your first trials bike?

It was a Bitsa, bought from a lad down my street for my Christmas present. All I really remember is that it was mostly Honda but had a big shiny yellow petrol tank. I loved it. But it was more like a trail bike. After that we bought a Yamaha ty175. Then Bultacos, then onto a Fantic 200.

What achievements have you had in trials?

None really, I still have a few trophy from schoolboy days but that is about it.

Who do you look up to/admire in the trials world?

It has to be Tony Bou. The way he just flings that Montessa around like it weighs nothing and he is always so accurate. He is a bit like what Sebastien Loeb was like in the World Rally, A machine!!

Which venue is your favourite to ride? 

Now it has to be Edmondbyers Baa Trial. A good mix of everything. Although I do like some of the Cumbrian venues too.

Is there a major trials event that you enjoy?

It has to be both the Pre ’65 Scottish and the SSDT. It is a great week and a good chance to socialise at night with fellow trials people.

Is there a trials event or venue you have not ridden which you would really like to ride?

I wished I had stuck at trials when I was younger and ridden the SSDT. I would also have loved and maybe still would love to ride the Pre ’65 or do the Leven two day.

What is your favourite memory from trials riding?

I think it was finishing the Alwinton two day trial the first time I rode it. I was not fit enough and thought I had taken on more than I was ready for.

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