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Stephen Turnbull

When did you start riding trials?

I started proper trials about 15 years ago, although for the first couple of years I just messed around at Warden Law and then Guisborough Trails Area at Charltons; just getting used to riding a trials bike without a seat!!

How did you get into riding trials?

My son and I were travelling over to the lakes for a few days and I knew that TW Bikesport at Ravensworth was just past Scotch Corner, my son found out and suddenly he was eager to go saying Dad!! Can we buy a Trails bike??

I’ve always admired the bikes on the back of cars and thought to myself I’ll have to have ago before I am too old but was a bit cautious as I hurt my back Roughnecking on the Drill Floor of an Oil Rig,

Having a trials bike was actually a blessing as this helped my back quite a bit!

We eventually purchased a second hand 2004 Beta 250 Rev 3 which at the time felt like riding a Rolls Royce!

What was your first trials bike?

When I was younger, probably about 14 years, an awful long time ago, I used to buy old road bikes to do up and sell for a profit which enabled me to get a better bike

We used to have loads of fun at places like Millers Hill, which is at the LH side of Houghton Cut as you go up it and also West Rainton Pit Heap which looked like a Volcano in its day, it was huge.

Eventually I came across a 1966 Greeves Anglian Trials which was in the Evening Chronicle I think for £120

I never went into trials then, just pottered about really.

What achievements have you had in trials?

I’ve won many “Easy” (wish they would change that name as some are clearly not!!!) or done really well in them, sometimes moving up to Clubman when I feel right!

A couple of year years ago I actually won Easy one year then Clubman the next up at Weardale Trial at Killhope just past the Lead Mine.

I am just happy to be out there and if I have a good ride on a couple or so of the hard sections to me, I am well over the moon!

Who do you look up to/admire in the trials world?

Nobody really but I do Like Adam Raga who tries his best to beat Mr Bou but I have a huge amount of respect for Graham Jarvis who is having an enormous amount of success in Hard Enduro against all the young lads, he’s an absolute Legend. Graham actually came along to the Raby Gala Fair to support me, a Charity Event I am involved with, raising money for local charity’s, along with the likes of top local NE riders such as John Crinson.

Which venue is your favourite to ride? 

That would have to be Shafto Crags, it's beautiful up there, Bedburn and more recently BAA 2 day, riding Modern and observing at the Classic 2 Day

I really like going down to some of the Swaledale areas that use some of the Scott trial sections like Reels Head.

Is there a major trials event that you enjoy?

Yes but not to enter, The World trials at Penrith and then Silsden.

Is there a trials event or venue you have not ridden which you would really like to ride?

On my bucket list is to do the 2 days Isle of Man on a modern bike or the classic 2 day trial/Kinlochleven but I don’t have an “Old Bike” to do it with, Ossy????

What is your favourite memory from trials riding?

I have too numerous to mention but I really enjoyed taking this shot (see above photos) of this Guy coming right off his bike. At this point he was using very load Spanish expletives at his bike which wasn’t moving very much on the ground!! It was printed in the Trials Mag in 2012.

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