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Another successful Baa Classic

Saturday started with misty skies and rain, it looked set in, but a noon start allowed time for the weather to clear. The 74 riders enjoyed twelve rocky sections, with the majority in the river and three of the sections were new for the event. The Pre ’65 and Twinshock bikes tackled the sections well but there was only 1 clean ride.

Richard Pulman took the Saturday win for the Twinkshock hard route, only dropping 1 and Robin Luscombe finished first for the Pre ’65 hard route, dropping 2 marks. For the clubman route, David Braithwaite had a clean ride in the Twinshock class while Kevin Chapman only dropped 1 in the Pre ’65 class.

We had an earlier start on Sunday and a longer lap of 11-miles across the moor. The riders started with three sections close to the start then rode over two miles to section four. The sections were a mixture of rivers, rocky gullies and rocky outcrops. The observers, dotted about the hillsides in their orange hi-vis jackets, and the riders enjoyed a warm, dry start to the trial but unfortunately the weather had lulled us into a false sense of sun-security and the rain made an appearance; it did not dampen the spirits! The riders were enjoying the more challenging sections.

Richard Pulman was not able to maintain his lead in the Twinshock hard route as he dropped 19 giving him a total of 20 and leaving him in second place. The win was taken by Glen Scholey who finished 5 fewer as he dropped 6 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday.

The Pre ’65 hard route saw some much higher scores and it mixed up the leader board. Robin Luscombe finished second dropping 38 in total which meant John Charlton took the win with 32, dropping 3 on Saturday and 29 on Sunday.

David Braithwaite was not able to maintain his clean Twinshock clubman ride from Saturday. He dropped 14 on the longer Sunday lap putting him in third place. The win was taken by taken Martin Gilbert on 11 followed by a close second on 12 by Alec Wray.

Kevin Edmundson was unlucky to drop 11 on Sunday leaving him with a weekend score of 11. Ossy Byers took the win by one mark for the Pre ’65 clubman route. He dropped 4 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday to leave him on 10.

A massive thank you to everyone involved: landowners, organisers, observers and especially the 2 gate keepers.

Thank you to all the riders for taking part and the lovely feedback we have had about the event.

We look forward to seeing you at our next trial.

Baa 2 Day - 21st & 22nd A


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