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Edmondbyers Trial

After having the date kindly given to us from Bedlington club and having a couple of weeks to organise the trial, we have just had our first trial of 2021!

Held at The Baa in Edmondbyers, we were able to use the shorter route we use for our 2-day trials. Leading up to the trial, club members spent a few evenings deciding on sections, cutting out trees and making a path wider and safer. We wanted to spread the sections out as much as possible to help with social distancing and to try to prevent long queues.

The 100 riders were set off at different sections, in the sunshine. Most people were able to get a lap in before the rain fell but it wasn't too hard and did not last long. The observers did a great job standing out in the rain and continuing to observe. Thank you so much to all of you, it is really appreciated!

The 10 sections were all in a river with plenty of rocks to negotiate, 4 of them being gullies. The rocks were slippery but they improved and were scrubbed off as the trial progressed, apart from section 9 which became a bit of a mud bath.

Many riders seemed to enjoy themselves and we were able to clear away flags in the dry.

Some of the feedback from Facebook. Thank you for your positive comments.

Paul Norman - Big Thanks to all of the observers and especially to the observers for braving the weather.

Taff Davies - Cracking day out even two very wet laps never dampened the enjoyment.

Olly Latcham - Mint trial today, enjoyed every minute of it. And it worked perfect with everyone being sent to different secitons from the beginning was hardly any queues.

Mel Parkin - Super day out on the bike, thanks to all involved.

Edward Coffey - Great trial! Thanks to everyone involved.

Lee Emerson - Yes great trial, thanks to all involved.

Thank you to everyone for your support and especially with your understanding of the website technical issues. We look forward to seeing you at our next trial.

Sorry Wobbler for the picture! 😏

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