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Preparation for the Baa 2 Day is definitely underway!

New sections have been found and dug out and with the help of a fresh set of eyes, new routes at previous sections have been found.

It is looking like it will be a great weekend of trials riding.

Below, are the final instructions for the trial. As with everything at the moment, COVID-19 guidelines still apply so please be sensible, keep your distance and help us to have a successful and enjoyable trial.

Thank you!

Final Instructions

While at the event, you will need to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

*Keeping 2 metres between yourself and others.

*Parking sensibly and keeping a van width between vehicles.

To sign on, you will need to show your ACU licence and collect your rider number and t-shirt.

On Saturday, the trial starts at 12:00 noon but you will be set off in groups of 6 at 10 minute intervals. When you sign on, you will find out your start time.

On Sunday, the trial starts at 10:00 am. Again, you will be set off in groups of 6 at 10 minute intervals. Groups and start times will be available at the trial.

The Sunday lap is 11 miles long so there is a petrol stop. The trailer will be leaving at 9:30 am so please make sure your petrol can is on the trailer before then.

There will be food available from The Baa over the weekend.

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