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Having some R 'n' R.

As you know, Castleside club have been busy since lockdown eased with two big trial events at Edmondbyers. The two-day events take plenty of organising behind the scenes with talking to landowners, contacting the ACU, setting up entries and going through them to send confirmations, clearing sections and access routes, setting up sections, marking out the route and contacting observers, especially for the larger 11 mile laps where we have 20 sections.

We have also had two write ups of our Edmondbyers events in the Trials Express paper on Facebook! Plenty of photos were included too.

Therefore, it is only right that the club members have been enjoying riding other trials. There was a good contingent of Castleside members at the Shaftoe Crags trials at the weekend and several members will be heading to Glencoe for the Leven trial at the end of September. Our very own Butch Robson won the Leven 2 Day last year! Fingers crossed for this year...

Our next trial will hopefully be on 1st November at Lambshield with the usual two 8-mile laps of 20 sections.

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