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Successful Baa 2 Day Trial

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This weekend has seen the successful completion of our modern 2 day trial at Edmondbyers

Saturday kicked off at 12 noon with groups of 6 riders heading to sections 1 and 6 at 10 minute intervals. The weather was surprisingly kind to us all afternoon. The sections, in a river and up gullies, were good, taking marks off everyone.

Sunday kicked off at 10 am and the weather started off well for us. The 11 mile lap had a good mixture of river, rock and gully sections. The new route through the gap in the stone wall and under the bridge worked well and took the riders to a super ride out to the rest of the course.

Unfortunately, as some were starting their second lap, the heavens opened and we had a downpour but it didn't stop anyone. The sun returned for the end of a successful weekend.

Our class winners were:

Expert: John Crinson

Clubman: Eddie Aitkin

Easy: Eric McMeekin

Thank you very much to landowners, caterers, organisers, observers and riders!

Rider's comments about the weekend:

  • 'Great weekend.' (Glen Quinn)

  • 'Brilliant weekend - thanks to everyone involved!' (Callum Cook)

  • 'Great weekend again...very well done to all of those involved...massive thanks all round. (Paul Norman)

  • 'Brilliant trial thank you from the Matthews family thank you to all involved.' (Richie Matthews)

  • 'Excellent behaviour all round. Top trial. Thanks to all.' (John Macfarlane)

  • 'Awesome weekend first trial since the lockdown started. Thanks to all involved.' (Adrian Gallon)

  • 'Cracking weekend, cheers.' (Baz Chapman)

  • 'Fantastic weekend from start to finish, great sections great ride round nothing out of place, thanks to all at the Castleside Club.' (Ray Crinson)

  • 'Brilliant trial, hard course was spot on. Thanks to everyone that helped out.' (John Crinson)

  • 'Well what an absolutely excellent 2 day trial that was by Castleside Club good sections and a good ride out, looking forward to next year...thanks to all involved and a big thank you to all the observers.' (Stephen Thackray)

  • 'Massive thank you to Castleside Club. I know how much hard work goes into these 2 day events. Brilliant weekend of trials. Thanks to all the observers especially in this afternoons deluge. (Rob Dyson)

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