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What a fantastic trial! Lambshield November 2020

In the early morning, the weather was looking bleak but it turned out to be better than we thought it would.

At 7:30 am the 8.5 mile course was checked without too much problem apart from a bloody finger and an over the handlebar incident.

The rain managed to stay away and the sun was out but the gusty wind was causing havoc in many sections.

The start, with groups of 6 heading off at 5 minute intervals seemed to work well and everyone looked keen to get started. The sections were challenging but enjoyable and the waterfall gully was providing good entertainment.

Section 1 closed at 1:30 pm and the back marking began, meaning the hardy observers were slowly released from their duty. Thank you so very, very much to all the observers for standing out in that weather for so long.

For the back marking lap, the wind strength had increased and it was turning riding across a moor with a golf bag full of course marker flags into even more of a balancing act. The wind had its way a couple of times; blowing rider and bag from their bike and flags out of bags. Still, somehow, it was enjoyable!

From the pleasing feedback we have received on Facebook, it would seem that the trial was enjoyed by many of you. We hope that good feeling and enjoyment lasts a few weeks as with a second lockdown happening the trials calendar has been halted, again!

Keep safe everyone!

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